Mercedes Susana Paglilla

Mercedes Susana Paglilla is PhD researcher and holds degrees in Psychology, Education, Pedagogy, Neuropsychology, Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosciences. She has co-authored a wide range of books about self-help and published several academic articles of science research in specialized media. Former University professor and pediatrics private practitioner of syndromic kids, she claims a special attraction for Neuroscience research and brain development to its full potential. She is an expat professional, a mother of one and wife of a high ranked official of Foreign Affairs.

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Default Mode Network y su implicación en diferentes desórdenes neuropsiquiátricos

Colección: Ciencias de la Salud

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It-Beast: awakening the strength within your brain

Colección: Religiones, Autoayuda y Crecimiento

After assessing the 3 fundamentals aimed at boosting your emotional immune system you will be guided to a 4 steps mental fitness workout to help you overcome the stress threshold and to start awakening your senses to become more aware of the capacity of your mind to cope with unexpected turns.

Inspired on a combination of Neuropsychology and Behavioral-Cognitive therapy techniques this dynamic guide intends to put you in control of your momentum after emotional breakdowns and depressive episodes.

It-Beast invites you to a quick journey within your brain and its wild power to merge sensory integration, to evoke powerful memories and to reformulate stress in a proactive way.

In a brief, may you find this guide useful to start awaking the strength within your brain and to discover the IT- beast in yourself as the secrets of evolution reveal towards a more conscious sense of your inner self potential and your next step as human being. Be curious about and enjoy listening. Good luck!

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