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Born in New York, Miriam Cutler studied Art History in college and turned to legal practice when she discovered that life in a museum proved too isolated from real people and their problems.  In her 25 years of professional practice in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, her passion for art took shape in the form of the written word, publishing several articles.  Married to an Argentine with whom she raised two grown children, the cycle of life eventually brought Miriam to Argentina. In addition to the law and writing, she also enjoys working as a freelance translator and photographer.

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Buenos Aires Street Guide

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Who was that guy? Why that name? What happened on that date? What's behind the names of the main streets in downtown Buenos Aires? It's hard to believe, but those were burning questions of an American recently arrived in Buenos Aires. I wanted to know all I could about my adopted country and found the streets to be a mystery; even the most educated of my friends gave me blank looks when I asked. So began the project of finding out about the people behind the street names.

Buenos Aires' downtown streets are more than just a list of famous people or dates. They reflect the early, turbulent history of the country, its politicians, presidents, generals, explorers, writers and poets. To understand the significance of a name, you have to know how the country emerged from the great continent first claimed by Spain in the 1500's. This guide provides both an alphabetical listing of the street names and a short introduction of the history behind the names making exploration of downtown Buenos Aires a real discovery.

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Hace un tiempito hablábamos de los seudónimos, esos nombres de fantasía que los autores eligen, por distintos motivos, para enmascarar su identidad...