ImmInst (contraction of two words, "Immortality" and "Institute") is a nonprofit organization. The mission of ImmInst is to conquer the blight of involuntary death. ImmInst shall function as an umbrella organization to help its members succeed in working towards the possibility of human physical immortality. This Institute shall serve as a platform for the exhibition, exchange, debate, and creation of concepts and methods toward that end as well as to disseminate any and all relevant information for the purpose of human physical immortality.

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The Scientific Conquest of Death. Essays on Infinite Lifespans

Colección: Books in English

"Some of the deepest prejudices of professional biologists concerning immortality are certainly false.

Aging is not a universal. There are organisms that are biologically immortal...".

"Possibly the most absurd of the arguments opposing the search for a cure of human aging is that to extend our lifespans indefinitely would be unnatural: would render us in some sense no longer human. I regard this view as so uniquely absurd...".

"Still resident in the human body are potential heirs of our immortal legacy, cells that have the potential to leave no dead ancestors; cells from a lineage called the germ-line. These cells have the ability for immortal renewal as demonstrated by the fact that babies are born young, and those babies have the potential to someday make their own babies, and so on, forever...".

"We are rapidly growing more intimate with our technology. Computers started out as large remote machines in air-conditioned rooms tended by white-coated technicians. Subsequently they moved onto our desks, then under our arms, and now in our pockets. Soon, we'll routinely put them inside our bodies and brains. Ultimately we will become more nonbiological than biological...".

"Everyone wants wisdom and wealth. Nevertheless, our health often gives out before we achieve them. To lengthen our lives, and improve our minds, in the future we will need to change our bodies and brains. To that end, we first must consider how normal Darwinian evolution brought us to where we are. Then we must imagine ways in which future replacements for worn body parts might solve most problems of failing health. We must then invent strategies to augment our brains and gain greater wisdom. Eventually we will entirely replace our brains -using nanotechnology. Once delivered from the limitations of biology, we will be able to decide the length of our lives -with the option of immortality- and choose among other, unimagined capabilities as well...".

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