Libro USA. One Nation under God?


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Acerca del libro USA. ONE NATION UNDER GOD?

The U.S.A claims to be "one nation under God". If that God is the Christian God this statement is false. The author of this book sets out to prove this thesis with the analysis of over a dozen U.S. war events spanning over a century.

The U.S.A. is now the only world superpower. How did it get there? By walking down the path marked by "Manifest Destiny". With the arrival of the Mayflower, the English Puritans believed that God preordained them to spread their eternal values throughout the world. This presumptuous goal eventually became the U.S. expansionist policy, the basis for its political and economical conquest of the world. Uncle Sam, disguised with a false philanthropy, became the Northern Colossus. He is shouting that the country where he lives is "one nation under God", however, it really is against God. Repent, USA! This book is demonstrating this hypocrisy through an examination of U.S. military interventions around the world, starting with the explosion of the "Maine" in 1898 and ending with the Operation "Iraqi Freedom" in 2003.

Hace un tiempito hablábamos de los seudónimos, esos nombres de fantasía que los autores eligen, por distintos motivos, para enmascarar su identidad...