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Acerca del libro TO BE OR NOT TO BE... A BELIEVER

All men believe in something. “Believers” in God and “Seculars” reject Him. The existence of God is rational. When His existence is rationally proved, His non-existence is irrational, and life after life becomes a logical consequence. He shows Himself to man. Religions without this revelation are therefore man’s inventions. The Judeo-Christian religion accepts a revealed God. Christianity is the coming to earth of the Hebrew Messiah.

“Christianity of Christ” is Christ’s teachings as depicted in the New Testament with these three characteristics: Atonement, Resurrection and Love. Christ’s commandments are to be kept by His followers. Under this light this book analyzes abortion, homosexuality, marriage, forgiveness, adultery, poverty, and hedonism.

Hace un tiempito hablábamos de los seudónimos, esos nombres de fantasía que los autores eligen, por distintos motivos, para enmascarar su identidad...