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The adventure of a group of undocumented central-south americans in their odyssey for coming to the United States. Based on a real history.

The illegal emigration to other countries has existed for thousands of years, for varied causes that go from religious, ethnic or political pursuit up to familiar conflicts. Nowadays, the most common emigration happens for economic reasons. It is said that if you come to the United States, your problems will be solved and you will be able to have everything imaginable. This promise dazzles to many Latin-American young people (both provincial and university) that leave aside their life, family, school and profession to go in search of the "American dream".
So dazzled they are for the desire to come, that forget the most valuable thing that the man possesses: his life. This book reveals everything that nobody dares to share: the stumbles in the way, the solitude, the difficult moments on those who are never warned. It compiles true facts experienced on his own flesh, which allow us to be witnesses of this trip and of his fortunes. And not only that: The American Dream Journey makes us reflect on our reality, on our possibilities and on the real personal enrichment.

Hace un tiempito hablábamos de los seudónimos, esos nombres de fantasía que los autores eligen, por distintos motivos, para enmascarar su identidad...