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These writings came to mind when many nations instead of facing and solving diverse problems, allowed them to stay. With time the problems come back, and the people of that nation simply continue suffering them maintaining the hope that in some time finally the country solve them for good. Meanwhile, the author allows his religion to come showing a different view.

Many nations faced problems that are not resolved in their moment. With time the problems come back, and again the need for solving them. In this book some problems are analyzed when they were priorities, but many of them periodically come back and still with no apparent solution, continuing affecting the people that now remain with the hope that they will be no more. Meanwhile the author writes again about them, and also allows his religion to give a different angle and a different hope that eventually everything will be aligned according with its importance: By any chance are we, as human beings will be able to put first things first?

Hace un tiempito hablábamos de los seudónimos, esos nombres de fantasía que los autores eligen, por distintos motivos, para enmascarar su identidad...