Eddie Julio Torre
Nacionalidad mexicana

Born Aquarius in Mexico City, for any suitable purpose Carlos H. Cantú regards himself a northerner native of Monterrey, Mexico's industrial capital. His callings: aviation and the arts (drama & literature), rule his life. As an aviator, he has flown over most of the world as a corporation pilot. As an actor, he has done theatre, movies and TV, becoming (from 1983 to 1993) an American audiences' favorite portraying Carlos, a lovable butler in acclaimed CBS' serial Knots Landing. Author of 22 film scripts, Mexican movie industry hits, he has also penned two plays, three soon to be published books and numerous essays. As a writer, he has published six awarded major novels in Spanish, being Pancho Villa's Golden Hawks his first translated into English. Pursuing his dedication to youth, he has taught flying, languages, drama, literature and production of  theatre and television. A prodigal son, he is back in his hometown Monterrey, teaching Scholastic Excellence at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León's Law School, and working on his biographical novelization of Nezahualcoyotl, Poet King of the Aztecs.

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Pancho Villa's Golden Hawks

Colección: Books in English

The ingredients of this historical novel:

Courage, daring, heroism and romance, turn it into a vivid fast-paced narrative that will satiate lovers of action adventure literature, giving them a true to life picture of famous Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.

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