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"Thirty years ago my family and I arrived to the Airport of Costa Rica on a rainy morning. We were nervous, but happy because we had reached freedom. My parents, my husband and my daughter were my family.
Although I am Spanish by birth, we immigrated to Cuba in the year 1946 when I was 4 years old, and for that reason I am considered Cuban. My parents and I were feeling frustrated for having had to emigrate twice.
After the discovery of America, centuries had to pass for the Hispanic countries to achieve Independence. Since then, they have governed themselves, but the Spaniards left behind their inheritance and their descendants. Not everything was looting and genocide, as shown by the official histories of those countries. A great deal of that which we enjoy nowadays, we owe to the Mother Country."


Silent Invasion of the USA - Ida Zerpa

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Legal and illegal aliens. Ways in which Mexicans try to take possession of the United States under the leadership of left-wing organizations.

My book is divided in three parts. The first part consists of a synthesized history of the countries of the immigrants that are concerning to the United States, their governments, their laws and their ways of life. The second part consists of what we can expect from the immigrants according to their habits of life in their home countries, the intentions and actions of the Mexican immigrants and government. The third part or the epilogue consists of the reactions of certain political figures and the U.S. government, and my premonitions.

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