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Por James John Thundersen
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The story starts in a small and very catholic town, where he was born and was raised, feeling the ignorance and religious prejudices from the people that when they saw he was different signaled him because of that.

These circumstances were his allies and when in his first years in junior high, three wonderful teachers opened for him a panoramic view of the wonderful world of knowledge, he used all these circumstances to gain access to it. The rest of his life was spent precisely in searching this elusive truth, either secular or religious. He successfully put both truths together and in doing so he found the greatest truth of all: to know with no doubt that God lives; this was done through two methodologies that never were opposed to him, faith and reasoning. He achieved his goals in both fields of knowledge, the secular,  and the religious ones. He was successful, because success comes when you look for it, and his life was that: to look, to search for the desirable, and there is not anything more desirable than truth. In the religious realm that truth is in the “Christianity of Christ” as it is in the New Testament and other scriptures that he found in the crucial moment of his life. In the secular world, he learned that it is impossible for a mortal being to gain it all, and therefore he tried with all his soul to get the best in him when doing scientific investigation.

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