Claudia Mattielo was born in Italy. She completed her studies in Argentina, where she graduated in Theology from the USAL University in Buenos Aires. While teaching at university she developed a great interest in Zen, which led her to visit Japan on two occasions in order to learn more about the subject.
In 1993, she graduated as a Flower Therapist from the prestigious Institute founded by Barbara Espeche and Eduardo Grecco. Since then, she has studied ceaselessly and has undertaken considerable research work on the subject, venturing into the practice of flower essence therapy for babies, children and adults.

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Flowers for Healing Children from birth to adolescence. A handbook for parents and therapists

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This book is a practical guide to the paediatric use of the many flower essences that belong to the Bach, Bush, California and Pegasus systems. 

It was principally designed to acquaint the parents of babies, children and adolescents with the most common situations in which these natural remedies can assist them as they accompany the growth of their children. The circumstances considered here are those related to family relationships, sleep, food, learning, school, emotional pain and physical conditions.

As the lives of both children and parents are so intimately linked, the book includes a series of suggestions for essences that can be used in different circumstances. It also provides references to several books which parents might find to be of interest.

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